How to segment your membership

There are many different ways you can segment your membership. What you decide to call the levels will be driven by whether this is an organisational or an individual membership. The advantages of segmenting your membership is that this will help you deliver benefits that are relevant to your different audiences. A student member will have different needs to a large corporate for example.

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How to measure your membership effectively

Why membership is a new driver of revenue for lots of organisations, for established clubs, associations, institutes, gyms and many others, there is a an increasing need to review the traditional models of membership. Millennial’s and younger people are not joining traditional bodies in big numbers, they are used to sharing their own experiences and knowledge online. Continue Reading →

What are the different uses of promotional products?

Promotional products are an often understated but very powerful advertising medium.  So often buyers consider promo merch as a last minute purchase, in fact still over 80% of promotional merchandise is ordered and delivered within 10 working days, yet the average person keeps an item they value on average for up to 3 years. If you compare that with other advertising media and ask yourself how many TV, radio ads, billboard posters can you remember?

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