AI Shaping New Marketing Realm – Leading US AI Influencers revealed

● Lil Miquela comes in as the most popular AI influencer, with earnings potentially sitting as high as $20,100 per sponsored post

● Leya Love comes in second place on the list

● Giorgina Alemann takes third

New research has revealed the most popular AI influencers, with Lil Miquela coming out on top.

The study by GirlfriendGPT analyzed earnings, followers, and engagement rates of the most popular AI influencers to see who could be earning the posts from these respective accounts for sponsored posts.

It was found that virtual influencer Lil Miquela could earn upwards of $20,100 per sponsored post on their Instagram accounts, with a whopping 2,614,514 followers. Founded in 2016, the account has seen features in product endorsements for brands like Calvin Klein and Prada and gained its first 1 million followers in the first two years.

Leya Love takes second on the list, with 567,070 followers at the time of the study, with earnings per sponsored post potentially being upwards of $4,550. Launched in 2018, the virtual influencer has engaged with brands like KFC, Adidas, and The North Face.

Giorgina Aleman comes third on the list, with 509,609 followers and earnings of upwards of $4,200 per sponsored post. This account is one of the most notable examples where every image and caption is entirely AI-generated.

Coming in fourth on the list is Thalasya Pov, with a total of 459,056 followers and potential earnings upwards of $3,850. Another AI influencer launched in 2018, the account currently sits among the top creators in Indonesia.

Rounding out the top five is Noonoouri, coming in with 444,026 and earnings upwards of $3,750. Since its 2018 launch, the account has landed a record label deal and has had prior collaborations with brands like Vogue China and Cosmopolitan Brazil.

Commenting on the findings, Enias Cailliau, CEO of GirlfriendGPT, said: "While AI influencers are still a very new thing to many people, it’s interesting to see how many examples have collaborated with popular brands already. With the recent rise in quality of AI image generation, we can expect more of these influencers to pop up and grow in popularity soon, potentially earning thousands for the people behind them."