What Are The Top Social Media Trends 2022?

What Are The Top Social Media Trends 2022?
What Are The Top Social Media Trends 2022?

What Are The Top Social Media Trends 2022?

My friends at Hootsuite have released this year’s digital report and, as ever, it’s full of fascinating insights into the world’s online behaviours.

The full report analysis data from 230 countries and territories, offering a global perspective on how people are using all things online, and predictions for our digital future that will help your business stay ahead.

The full report (which you can download here: Digital 2021 - Social Media Marketing & Management Dashboard - Hootsuite) is pretty detailed. It’s worth a read, so to whet your appetite here are some of the main take-outs.

1. Social media use

According to Hootsuite’s report, there are now 4.62 billion social media users around the globe (note: the term ‘users’ may not represent unique individuals). That’s up 424 million users (or +10.1%) on last year.

It represents around 75% of the world’s population over the age of 13, and users spend an average of just under two and a half hours per day on social media.

This global expansion in social media use gives your brand more opportunities to be seen by your audience.

But it’s also important to recognise that social media use is split, on average, across 7.5 different platforms.So to maximise opportunities to get your brand in front of your audience, you need to have a presence across multiple platforms, AND tailor your content according to the user experience for each one.

2. The world’s most-used social media platforms in 2022

Here’s the leaderboard according to Hootsuite’s research. No real surprises in terms of the most-used platform. Facebook still leads the field, by quite a long way.

So it’s pretty clear that there are benefits to your brand to having a presence on Facebook. But with so many users, and so many other brands, you need to think carefully about how you manage your content.

There are many different ways in which your content can cater for the experiences offered by Facebook, so it’s important to understand how your specific audience interacts with you here.

Facebook groups – does your audience engage with them? These digital communities have become increasingly meaningful to many social media users, so if your audiences have strong engagement, so should you.

Facebook advertising – the potential reach is huge, so it may be time to consider (or revisit) running ads here.

It’s also worth noting that whilst Facebook is top of the ‘most-used’ list, when it comes to users aged 16-24, their favourite is WhatsApp. If your audience is in this bracket, you might want to consider whether a WhatsApp Business account would be a good move in terms of communication options with your customers.

3. Who uses which platforms?

As we’ve already seen, most social media users are on more than one platform. This makes it easier for you to reach people, but it’s important to be aware of the different mindsets for platform use and tailor your content accordingly.

You’ll need to think about tailoring your content to the reasons why people are on that platform. Which platforms and their users are best aligned with your business goals, and what content will work best for them?

4. Social media advertising

In 2021, social media advertising represented around a third of global digital advertising spend.

That’s an increase of $23 billion (or 17.4%) on the previous year on social media advertising. That’s despite many brands having reduced their overall marketing budgets during the pandemic.

More than half of the marketers Hootsuite surveyed for their report said their paid social spend is likely to increase in 2022, as well.

They aren’t spending it all on the top platforms, though. Many marketers, as well as spending on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are seeing channels like TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest as emerging priorities.

5. TikTok as a marketing tool

TikTok has been developing its opportunities for marketers in recent months. It’s particularly popular with the 16-24 age-group. I took a look at the platform’s growing portfolio of marketing tools in my Marketers Guide to TikTok.

TikTok is becoming such an important marketing tool for many brands, that Hootsuite have analysed it’s advertising audience in more detail.

TikTok has a huge potential reach of 884.9 million users over 18. The report doesn’t give a year-on-year comparison here (perhaps because TikTok advertising is a relatively new phenomenon), but that’s up 60 million (7.3%) on the previous quarter.

What is perhaps most useful for brands is the analysis of TikTok advertising audiences by age group and gender.

Unsurprisingly, the largest group on the platform is 18-24 year-olds, followed by 25-34 year-olds.

But with the massive number of users, it’s not just those age groups that you can engage.

And remember, a strategy encompassing TikTok doesn’t necessarily mean increasing reach. It’s an ideal platform for changing perceptions – or strengthening them – if you are looking to position your brand as bolder, or more cutting-edge. If you’ve got quality, entertaining content, it could be a great fit for TikTok audiences. At the very least, it could be a platform to think about or experiment with.

6. Online shopping habits

If you’re a brand that deals in e-commerce, this next slide is for you. Hootsuite have analysed a wider report to look at the percentage of internet users aged 16-64 who use selected e-commerce activities each week.

The top line here is that almost 60% of internet users bought something online every single week.

Talking about consumer goods alone, 2021 saw people spend $3.85 trillion online, an increase of 18% ($591 billion) on 2020.

We know, of course, that the pandemic drove a dramatic increase in online shopping around the world, but that trend seems set to continue, especially now that social media platforms have capitalised on it and increased their online shopping tools.

Hootsuite recommends taking a good look at your social storefronts across your channels to ensure a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience rather than simply a transactional relationship. Many shoppers appreciate the opportunity to compare products and to share with friends, for example.

7. Online shopping research

How do internet users research what to buy and where to buy from?  Hootsuite has looked at this, too.

Overall, search engines are the main source of information, closely followed by social media networks. But of the younger age groups those 16-24 yearsprefer social networks, and for those 25-34 search engine are only just ahead.

Remember, again, it’s the experience that’s important. The ability to ‘buy now’ whichever platform you’re on is vital, but positive comments, likes and customer reviews are influential drivers when it comes to prompting that all-important click.

These are the main take-outs from the full report. The complete report also includes some useful, more in-depth insights into online behaviour including the most-used devices and advice about strategy.

Hint: brands need to be focussing on:

  • Social experience to ensure every step of the purchase journey is positive and aligned
  • Customer care – using social as a key tool
  • Understanding user-behaviour, especially Gen-Z

If you’d like to talk about how to build or develop your digital strategy to take advantage of the trends developing in 2022, get in touch. I’d love to chat.

Gordon Glenister is the author of a new book, Influencer Marketing Strategy. Learn:

  • how to build an influencer strategy
  • what makes a great influencer
  • about the rise of Clubhouse and Tik Tok
  • about future digital trends for connecting with a digital customer


Dave Perry is the CEO of a new e-commerce partnership network that over 30K Shopify brands have joined, providing over 320M visitors a month. GetCarro.com helps brands gain attention, sales, and new customers by partnering with other brands in the network. “The goal is to keep users on your store adding all the things they need directly into your cart. Carro provides all the other products they want that you don’t currently sell.” says Perry. Before Carro, Sony PlayStation acquired Perry’s last company Gaikai to establish leadership in the future of streaming video games from the Cloud. This service is called PlayStation Now. Prior to this, Perry was the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Acclaim Entertainment, helping introduce ‘free-to-play’ gaming to the western markets. Disney acquired Acclaim. Before that, Perry founded the game development company Shiny Entertainment based in Laguna Beach, CA. Shiny was first acquired by Interplay to capture the rights to Earthworm Jim, then again by Atari, to obtain the rights to the games based on Warner’s Matrix movies. After 39 years in the business, Perry remains one of the best-known video game industry veterans, with multiple #1 hits and the Develop – Development Legend award.


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P.J. Leimgruber is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and lecturer at the University of Southern California. He has built and scaled multiple venture-backed businesses and currently leads Clash as Co-Founder and CEO. In this episode we talk about the different ways creators can make money out of their content and not just rely on brand partnerships but memberships, donations and developing a fan base. Outside of work, he is a father, music aficionado, and DJ.


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Marc Jarrett is a professional networker and currently manages over 200 WhatsApp groups. But he started his career in the financial industry – he was a banker and futures broker. Marc has also spent a lot of time in the telecoms sector. He acts now as a business matchmaker. He connects his members with each other through relevant opportunities. Business boils down to people and trust, he says – building human connections first then, building business is second. The audience is global. He knows all of his ‘tribe’ that are all professionally vetted. He doesn’t want any ‘bad actors’ in there. One of his members was looking for a bodyguard in South Africa, Marc flipped the enquiry to his personal protection group and within a day – someone was hired to fulfil the role. Listen to more of what Marc has to say about this fascinating network.


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Shannon Walker is the founder of agency Social Disruption and is a passionate and multi-disciplined communications specialist. She has worked with major brands like Liberty London, where she launched their Influencer Marketing department as well as luxury fragrance brands such as Cartier, Bvlgari, Jimmy Choo, Elie Saab, Alaïa and Issey Miyake. Shannon has enjoyed a seven-year career at the forefront of disruptive Digital PR strategies that have achieved triple percentage YOY revenue growth and increased brand rankings for B2C businesses. Wanting to create more purpose through her profession, Shannon’s mission is to help drive industry change around diversity and meaningful communications to reinforce positive and uplifting online environments. In this episode we talked about the disparity of pay for some creators of colour and what we can do as an industry to resolve it. We also discuss brands like Nike that are leading the way in inclusion and others that have embraced stamping out racism as part of their marketing campaigns.


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20 Pet Influencers you should follow in 2022

Pet influencers are a fascinating aspect of influencer marketing, and many have developed huge followings to become the animal celebrities of the influencer world. Pet-focused social media accounts are a major trend (who doesn’t find their day brightened by the antics of a cute kitten or waggly-tailed doggo?)

Smart marketers have realised that the feel-good factor of a fun, animal-focussed social media feed is only part of the story. Pets sell products, and several of today’s four-legged celebrities have their own, successful product lines, or promote others.

Pet influencer social media accounts generally fall into three categories; pet owners, pet professionals, and pets themselves. Some share tips and knowledge, while others set out simply to entertain.

Many start out as hobbies, but with brand collaborations, product sales, affiliate marketing and ad revenue, others actually generate impressive revenue – either as providing income for the humans behind the pet stars of the show, or to generate funds in support of related good causes.

Some focus on video content, others on photography, and others on written blog content. Many use a combination.

What they have in common is that they tell stories, using their content to build trust and emotional connections with their followers in order to develop their influencer status.

In this article I’m going to share with you my favourite 20 pet influencers for 2022.

1. Wearwagrepeat

A pet lifestyle Instagram channel, and more. Creator Tori started her blog in 2013 as an outlet for her combined love of fashion and dogs, and with the support of her two chocolate Labradors Lucy and Burt she covers dog lifestyle tips, toy and food reviews, dog-friendly travel guides and DIY tutorials. Her extensive shop is packed full of dog-related gifts and she runs a regular podcast.

Instagram: @wearwagrepeat
Blog: wearwagrepeat.com


2. Nala Cat

Nala Cat has taken things to the next level, with over 4.4 million followers. Nala’s daily posts of cute photo and video stories support their own premium cat food brand, and a money off voucher code for human parents of adopted cats shares the love.

Instagram: @nala_cat
YouTube: Nala, the travelling cat
Website: lovenala.com


3. The Dogist

The Dogist’s philanthropic initiative supports non-profit work in dog rescue and rehabilitation, a good example of a pup-blog with purpose. The Dogist’s creator bills themselves as an artist, and the account is a collection of characterful photographic dog portraits and featured stories highlighting, among other things, the work of animal rescue centres, guide dog trainers and owners. 3.8 million followers have followed them on walkies so far.

Instagram: @thedogist
Website: www.thedogist.com


4. The Happiest Fox

While the majority of pet blogs feature cats and dogs, there are some exceptions. Juniper is just one of a family of North American red foxes born and living in captivity due to genetic differences from their wild cousins. There’s an educational aspect to this influencer, talking about why wild animals don’t often make good pets.

Instagram: @juniperfox
Website: Juniperfoxx


5. TripawdsCommunity

This one is an online community all about bringing together animal amputees and their people, providing support and sharing uplifting stories of the love and commitment between humans and animals.

Instagram: @tripawdscommunity
Website: Tap Bio
Facebook: Tripawds | Facebook


6. AllPetVoices

All Pet Voices is a pet owners’ community that offers information and education on a whole raft of pet-related topics. It offers a space for pet owners to connect, and features regular live videos with knowledgeable guests.

Instagram: @allpetvoices
Website: Join The Pet Health 5 Movement – All Pet Voices
Facebook: All Pet Voices | Facebook


7. Pets Are Found

Another pet account with purpose, Pets Are Found is dedicated to sharing information about pets that have gone missing around the world, to help reunite them with their families.

Instagram: @petsarefound
Website: Where Pets Are Found – Lost, Found & Adoption Pet Listings
Facebook: Where Pets Are Found | Facebook


8. MileyJo the Chorkie

MileyJo is a quirky canine fashion model with catwalk experience and over 80k followers on Instagram. Followers can access discount voucher codes for a variety of dog clothing, lifestyle and food brands.

Instagram: @miley-jo-the-chorkie
Website: @MileyJo | Linktree
Facebook: Miley Jo the Chorkie / Model – Talent | Facebook


9. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton is the proud owner of a magnificent moustache which has made his Instagram account a favourite for over 750k followers. His account shares regular photos of his life, and promotes #AdoptDonttShop.

Instagram: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat
Facebook: Hamilton the Hipster Cat | Facebook


10. Mr Pokee

Mr Pokee takes full advantage of the cuteness factor, sharing the adventures of a very cheerful hedgehog and his friends. He’s got 1.8m followers and his website sells the photo presets that add effects to his photographs.

Instagram: @mr.pokee
Website: Mr.Pokee (mrpokee.com)


11. Grumpy Cat

No round up would be complete without a mention of Grumpy Cat. A registered trademark, she has over 2.5m Instagram followers, her official Facebook page has nearly 8m and she has spawned countless memes. Her website features a huge range of merchandise and she has inspired cartoons and spin-offs with other famous cats including Garfield. The brand is still going strong and she has a good claim to remaining the internet’s most famous cat despite having died in 2019.

Instagram: @realgrumpycat
Facebook: The Official Grumpy Cat | Facebook
Website: The world’s grumpiest cat! | Grumpy Cat® (grumpycats.com)
YouTube: Real Grumpy Cat – YouTube


12. Your Two Favourite Pits

Cali and Archie show off the softer side of the Pit Bull Terrier as they share their daily antics in Instagram. The account links to Tidy Dog Mom, a blogger who offers advice about training puppies and running a tidy and efficient house, and promotes her copywriting services and Etsy shop.

Instagram: @your.two.favourite.pits
Facebook: Tidy Dog Mom | Facebook
Website: Tidy Dog Mom


13. KolsNotes

Jodi from Kol’s notes is another great example of a blogger who shares the daily adventure of her pet – a puggle called Kolchak – on her Instagram account. She’s actively involved with her followers and takes time to connect and chat.

Instagram: @kolsnotes
Facebook: Kol’s Notes | Facebook
Website: Kol’s Notes – Tips and Tricks from the DIY Dog (kolchakpuggle.com)


14. Lil Bub

LilBub is another example of a pet whose internet influence extends beyond the grave. A feral kitten who was rescued because of her special care needs, her Lil BUB’s Big Fund has raised over a million dollars for animals in need through her online store.

Instagram: @iamlilbub
Facebook: Lil Bub | Facebook
Website: Lil BUB


15. Henry and Baloo

Everyone loves a pet friends story, especially when it combines cats and dogs. Henry the dog and Baloo the cat’s Instagram feed follows these two rescues and their human parents on their adventures in the wild, and their pet supplies shop on their website sells their own branded products from cards and calendars to hats and bandanas.

Instagram: @ourwildtails
Facebook: Our Wild Tails | Facebook
Website: Calendar | Our Wild Tails


16. BenBenCatCat

BenBen has made a career out of being ‘the saddest cat on the internet’. He’s another rescue cat and his online community is built around sharing and promoting the work of animal rescues.

Instagram: @benbencatcat
Website: Home (benbencatcat.ca)


17. Hamlet the Piggy

Hamlet is a Nashville-based support animal whose Instagram account shows her ‘living the spoiled life as she performs a role as an epilepsy advocate and shows how pets contribute to human health and wellbeing.

Instagram: @hamlet_the_piggy
TikTok: hamlet_the_piggy
Website: hamletthepiggy.com


18. Mr Poof

Mr Poof the talking budgie is a fun account featuring a talented, talkative chap.

Instagram: @mr.poof
YouTube: Meet Mr. Poof: The Talking Budgie! – YouTube


19. Ethel the Glamour Tort

Proving that it’s not just our furry friends who can gather a following, Ethel the tortoise has over 71.6k followers on Instagram who enjoy her lifestyle photos, care advice and toirtoise-friendly recipes.

Instagram: @EthelTheGlamourTort


20. Boggle Buddies

Even rodents have influencer status. This account is dedicated to a large family of rats and mice who promote an online store for treats, toys and products suitable for them and other small pets.

Instagram: @bogglebuddies
Website: BoggleBuddies

Have any of these examples made you ‘paws for thought’ about becoming a pet influencer? Got a tail to tell? Give me a whistle andwe’ll talk how I can help.

Gordon Glenister is the author of a new book, Influencer Marketing Strategy. Learn:

  • how to build an influencer strategy
  • what makes a great influencer
  • about the rise of Clubhouse and Tik Tok
  • about future digital trends for connecting with a digital customer

Order your copy at: Gordon Glenister | Membership and Merchandise Specialist London

Find out more at: https://gordonglenister.com/book-launch


Qianna is an impressive passionate supporter of creators and is the founder of the American Influencer Council. She talks about the importance of setting standards and supporting creators in their journey with the mentor programme. A lot of creators that start out have no real business acumen and need particular help with financial and legal advice. They have become small businesses. She talks about the trends that will face the industry and her passion for virtual headsets.


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Anisa a very successful content creator mostly on Instagram and Tiktok focusing entirely on hair content. She shares tips tricks and ideas on styling and what products are best suited to different types of hair and has a highly engaged audience. She gets loads of feedback from her followers about how products have worked for them and even sometimes when it hasn’t worked. This feedback is hugely valuable for brands. She has even launched a new range with Juliet Angus from Ladies of London. https://www.shopltk.com/explore/anisasojka #LTKeurope #ShopLTK


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Josie is one of the ‘old-timers’ of the influencer industry having started her online journey over 10 years ago – it all started when she was working in the marketing department of Mulberry. She was also studying at university and her lecturer asked if she could help some of the younger students and explain her job. She was asked over and over again the same questions so she decided to put it on the internet – her blog was born – Fashion Mumbler – she is an avid mumbler she says. She started on Twitter then moved to creating her own YouTube Channel. Josie also got involved in the pop-up shop event hosted by LTK in London last year and she shares her experiences of this. Consumers are so time poor and if they can find someone that is able to help them make the right choices then why wouldnt they do that. And if you find an influencers’ style you resonate with then it makes it so easy for you. 99% of people follow influencers because they like the person as a whole. https://www.shopltk.com/explore/josieldn #LTKeurope #ShopLTK


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Edinburgh based influencer Louisa Hatt sees her role as educating her audience. We build a level of trust with our audience and thats why more consumers come to us for advice. My following isn’t particularly huge but I do have a high level of engagement. I will only will promote and share pieces I feel strongly about. Its a more efficient way to shop – you love what they wear and believe what they say. She talks about humanising the brand. She has worked with @farfetch and more recently @netaporter. Now she has worked with the brand for more than 5 times and as time has passed – there tends not to be a brief it’s more about doing your own thing and it always goes down a storm with followers. Louisa also will often go and find ideal clothes for her followers, if she has posted a question on one of her posts. This has worked really well she says. She trawls the internet to find items she likes and would buy and brings this to her audience.and they really appreciate that with lots of positive comments. It’s almost a diluted version of a styling service. Louisa also talks about how she worked with an English heritage brand and some of the comments were amazing, like I wouldnt have even thought about buying this brand if it wasn’t for you. Some of her diverse followers said I had never seen myself in this brand and its really great to see you here. https://www.shopltk.com/explore/louisahatt #LTKeurope #ShopLTK


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