How Much Do Virtual Influencers Make Online?

Posting on social media has become a lucrative business, with top content creators earning millions. But there is a new trend emerging: virtual influencers.

These personalities have the same presence and power as regular influencers, but they only exist in the digital world.

RANT Casino calculated how much these virtual influencers could make in a year from sponsored Instagram posts alone.

How much could Instagram's most popular virtual influencers earn in a year?

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Lu do Magalu - £12.7 million

First in the rankings is Lu do Magalu: a social media star in Brazil with over 6.4 million Instagram followers, created by Brazilian retail brand Magalu. Originally focused on content such as unboxing videos and product reviews on behalf of the company, Lu now also shares her life and takes a stand on political matters, such as advocating for LGBT rights. Lu is no longer just a sales tool, but a fully fledged influencer.

As one of the most loved and well-known influencers in Brazil, this non-human icon could earn over £12.7 million per year on Instagram alone.

CB of Casas Bahia - £6.4 million

Second in the rankings is CB, another product of a Brazilian retail giant, this time Casas Bahia. Like Lu do Magalu, CB’s content is not exclusive to product advertisement for the brand; he shares his love of video games, movies, memes and more with his almost 4 million Instagram followers.

This animated virtual teen has the potential to earn over £6.4 million on Instagram alone.

Any Malu - £481K

Third in the rankings is Any Malu: a virtual influencer turned Cartoon Network star who has the potential to make over £481K from her Instagram presence alone. The animated figure from Brazil has over 3 million YouTube subscribers as well as over half a million followers on Instagram.

Originally created by production company Combo Estúdio as a marketing tool, Any Malu began making videos on YouTube and is now the star of her own animated Cartoon Network television show: O (sur)real mundo de Any Malu (English: Any Malu's Surreal World).

Noonoouri - £135K

Next up is Noonoouri: a digital style icon who has made waves in the fashion world. The animated character has worked with the likes of Dior, Valentino, MiuMiu, Kim Kardashian and more; a list that most real-life influencers only dream of. Noonoouri also brings awareness to social issues and advocates for animal rights to her over 400K followers on Instagram.

From her Instagram platform, Noonoouri could be making over £135K per year.

Leya Love - £119K

Next in the rankings is a virtual influencer with a bigger mission: Leya Love is an ambassador for the “World Awareness Movement” and encourages her 383K Instagram followers to embrace positivity and love the planet.

With the platform she has built from spreading her positive messages, the virtual activist and influencer could make £119K per year from Instagram.

Do you want to earn $12,000 per post on TikTok?


Do you want to earn $12,000 per post on Tiktok?

With this in mind, Tipalti analyzed the streaming landscape of mid-2023 to reveal the highest-earning gamers on TikTok. 

You can view the full research here: Gamer Revenue Report

The Highest Earning Gamers On TikTok 

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Nikolarnreal name Nikola Anicic, is the highest-paid streamer on TikTok.

A  retired Serbian professional Apex Legend player who used to compete for Team Singularity, Nikolarn creates gaming content covering games such as Counter-Strike, Apex Legends and Valorant. He is also a prominent crypto enthusiast. A single sponsored post on Nikolarn’s TikTok could cost up to $12,690

Ibai Llanos Garatea, commonly known as Ibai, is the second highest-paid gamer on TikTok.

Ibai is an ex-content creator for G2 Esports, is co-owner of esports team KPO and regularly streams video games such as League of Legends on Twitch, as well as streaming sports commentary and “Just Chatting” videos. With 16 million followers on TikTok, a single sponsored post on his account could be worth $12,675.

British streamer and social media sensation TommyInnit has the third most valuable TikTok presence.

With a single post from his account being worth up to $9,635/ Real name Thomas Simons, TommyInnit is one of the youngest streamers in Tipalti’s report and has over 12 million followers on TikTok.

The study also looked at which gamers earnt the most on Instagram.

The Highest Earning Gamers On Instagram

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AuronPlay comes in first place with potential earnings of almost $50,000 per Instagram post.

With 18.8 million followers on the platform, the majority of posts offer a more personal window into the streamer’s life than his content on YouTube and Twitch, which has a greater focus on gaming and entertainment.

In second place is El Rubis, who earns a potential $46,984 per Instagram post.

Like AuronPlay, El Rubius uses his Instagram account as more of a personal blog in which he shares moments from his day-to-day life with his 17.7 million followers.

The streamer with the third most valuable Instagram account is Ninja, real name Richard Tyler Blevins, with a single sponsored post on the account worth over $32,700.

Ninja is arguably one of the most famous streamers out there, producing content for a range of videogames including Halo 3, Apex Legends, and Fortnite.

Further study insights:

  • The streamer with the highest potential earnings on YouTube is GeorgeNotFound, who could be making up to $44,300 per sponsored video.
  • Félix Lengyel, known on Twitch as xQc, has 11.80m subscribers and can earn up to $16,088 per video.


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Matt is co-Founder of The Big Help Out, an initiative to dramatically increase volunteering numbers across the UK as part of HM King Charles III’s Coronation which saw over 7.2m volunteer. He is a trustee of Comic Relief, a Patron of UNLOCK (the charity for people with convictions) and was previously Vice-Chair of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

Matt was awarded an OBE in the 2020 New Year Honours List, an Honorary Fellowship from Queen Mary University of London in 2012 and an Honorary Degree from the University of Hertfordshire in 2023.

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Martyn works at the intersection of business, technology and leadership to drive change for a fully inclusive world. Starting one of the first lived experience blogs in 2009, he’s created high quality content, built online communities and started multiple businesses. Growing up with a physical disability, he’s faced many personal challenges, and successfully chased down many dreams! From working in London, to driving a car with his hands, scuba diving, and being engaged to his soul mate. His mantra is ‘Everything is possible’! After gaining a degree in economics and a master’s in marketing, Martyn started his career at a charity for disability rights.

Following his love of blogging and social media, he quickly became a disabled influencer (regularly appearing in the UK’s disability power 100 list), plus working in media and tourism for social change. He’s a published author (Everything is Possible – Travel Memoir), an international speaker, media spokesperson, appeared in the LinkedIn TV ad in 2021, and has published many blogs, vlogs and podcasts. In particular he livestreamed ‘The Daily Sib’ in the first months of the pandemic, interviewing a wide range of disabled people and disability ally’s. Disability Horizons was the first disability magazine to utilise online content and social media. Created alongside his friend Srin Madipalli, its given a voice to disabled people like never before.

Even 12 years after launching it continues to publish educational and entertaining information by disabled people, for disabled people. Accomable, also co-founded with Srin, disrupted the accessible accommodation industry and was acquired by Airbnb in 2017. Most recently in partnership with the Goat agency (global leaders in influencer marketing) Martyn started the award winning Purple Goat agency. In just three years they’re working with multinational companies and the best disabled content creators, giving representation to disabled people in advertising like never before.

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Rishabh Jain is the co-founder and CEO of FERMÀT Commerce, the network powering distributed e-commerce, built to enable creators to embed brand direct shopping experiences on their own sites. Prior to that he was an executive at LiveRamp (NYSE:RAMP), where he led the new business teams, successfully launching 3 new businesses inside of LiveRamp. Before LiveRamp he co-founded 2 startups, one in solar energy, and the other in laboratory data sharing. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from UPenn with degrees from Wharton and the Engineering school, a Masters in Physics from Imperial College London, and a PhD in Materials Science from MIT.

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Climate Change Influencers – Are They More Relatable?

Climate Change Influencers – Are They More Relatable

Climate Change Influencers – Are They More Relatable

UN secretary general, António Guterres, just rang the alarm bells with an urgent call to "massively fast-track climate efforts by every country and every sector and on every timeframe. Our world needs climate action on all fronts: everything, everywhere, all at once,” after scientists issued a final warning to act now on the climate crisis before it's too late, in the latest release (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

As the fastest growing investment vertical today, the swift growth of climate tech innovation offers a ray of hope that we are, at last, putting our money where our mouth is to create businesses that deliver an economy where nature and the people and animals in it come before profit. Since 2010, the number of climatetech companies increased by 4x to reach over 44,500 in 2022.

Here's a list of some of the influencers playing a leading role in pushing forwards the growth of climate tech and businesses that are truly sustainable:

1. Marianne Lehnis is Founder of The Green Techpreneur - a unique marketplace and magazine about and for climate tech startup founders and investors where she aims to make insight and opportunities available to every aspiring climate entrepreneur. She’s the host of The Climatetech Founders’ podcast and a Forbes climate tech Contributor.
●LinkedIn Profile

2. Going Green Media - travel the world making high-quality videos of greentech projects and sharing these on their Instagram. They’re bringing more awareness to the opportunities around climate innovation and progress.

3. Tim Steppich runs ClimateU - a European networking platform and marketplace to connect climatetech startups, investors, and talent. He’s been listed on Forbes 30 under 30. (Germany based).
●LinkedIn Profile

4. Les Mood is the Founder of Greentech Talks, where he features conversations with greentech professionals and leaders. He’s also a top voice on LinkedIn for tech and innovation. (US based).
●LinkedIn Profile

5. Julia Pyper is host of award-winning podcast, Political Climate – a biweekly podcast on energy and environmental issues in America and around the world. Presented by the USC Schwarzenegger Institute and in partnership with Canary Media.
●LinkedIn Profile

6. Gordon Bateman is the founder of Investor Ladder – a network of over 1000 active investors with a climate tech focus. He is shaking up the investment sector with the UK's most inclusive investor summit, Climb23, in Leeds – with a focus on affordability and a free virtual broadcast of the event to democratise access to investment opportunities.
●LinkedIn Profile

7. Gemma Styles - none other than THE Harry Styles’ sister - with 9.6 million followers on Instagram, Gemma is making waves for the environment as a campaigner for pre-loved clothes and fair fashion. She the host of the top-rated Good Influence podcast.

8. Venetia La Manna is a fair fashion campaigner, activist, founder of Remember Who Made Them, and host of All The Small Things podcast.

9. Sophia Kianni is a young climate activist and the founder of Climate Cardinals, a non-profit youth-led project that makes climate change information more accessible to non-English speakers with a focus on languages spoken in regions that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

10. Mark Thackeray believed in climate tech long before it was popular to do so. In 2010 - he was laughed at and called a treehugger when he was the first UK market player to develop crowdfunding opportunities exclusively for climate tech startups. He’s since played a pivotal role in helping the UK climatetech sector develop through The Green Techpreneur marketplace, connecting startups with opportunities for expansion to push the sector forwards.
●LinkedIn Profile

11. Alison Heppenstall is founder of Climate Action for Associations (CAFA) the not for profit collective that harnesses the influence of membership organisations to accelerate climate action. Ali identified that associations play a critical role in reaching the targets set out in the Paris agreement, but often lack the skills and know-how to implement action. . An Accelerator for the UN backed Race to Zero, CAFA also delivers a certified carbon neutral and a certified net zero association service for any membership association regardless of size, sector or geography.
●Climate Action for Associations Website
●LinkedIn Profile

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