Unleashing the Power of Advocacy: How Associations Can Drive Member Loyalty - Simon Goldie Reveals All

Do you want to boost member advocacy and loyalty within your association? Are you searching for a solution to achieve this desired outcome? Look no further! Our special guest, Simon Goldie, will be sharing valuable insights on how to strengthen member engagement and drive increased advocacy within associations. Get ready to uncover the key strategies that will help you achieve the desired result of enhanced member advocacy and loyalty.

My special guest is Simon Goldie

Simon Goldie, the director of advocacy at the Finance and Leasing Association, is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in market research and communications. With over 15 years of experience, Simon has honed his skills in understanding the needs of members and effectively advocating on their behalf. His expertise lies in crafting influential strategies and building strong relationships with key stakeholders, including government bodies and other representative organizations. Simon's role at the FLA involves coordinating efforts to ensure that the voice of the association's members is heard and their contributions to the economy are recognized. With a passion for aligning diverse perspectives and finding common ground, Simon plays a vital role in driving member engagement and fostering a culture of advocacy within associations. His commitment to enhancing member loyalty and success makes him an invaluable asset in the ever-evolving landscape of association management.

“You really should talk to other representative bodies that interact in your ecosystem. It's not necessarily your rivals, but it's others as well that your members' customers are interacting with. Bring them together and find a consensus and it makes life much easier and much more powerful when you're presenting to politicians.”
- Simon Goldie

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Enhance member engagement and advocacy by understanding the importance of advocacy for associations.
  • Meet member needs and expectations through a strategic focus on advocacy.
  • Strengthen member advocacy and loyalty through collaboration with other representative bodies.
  • Experience the benefits of FLA membership through increased member engagement and advocacy.
  • Gain valuable input from members to shape effective advocacy strategies.

Nurturing Stakeholder Relationships

Having fruitful relationships with stakeholders and maintaining open lines of communication is crucial to any successful association. Good relationships can drive better results, as they encourage interaction, boost morale and overall performance, and foster a sense of community. Positive affiliation and communication with stakeholders is therefore key for associations striving for success. In his chat with Gordon Glenister, Simon Goldie shares some insights into how the FLA nurtures its stakeholder relationships. He uses the example of the FLA's working relationship with its members and other stakeholders as the bedrock of its successful advocacy strategy. He emphasizes that transparency in interactions and engagement with its members and stakeholders allows the FLA to effectively become an advocate for all its constituents. All of these partnerships culminate in a successful, empowered and valued membership body.

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