Building on Excellence: Saluting Black Women’s Achievements

Building on Excellence: Saluting Black Women's Achievements

This Black History Month's theme, "Saluting Our Sisters," encourages us to pay special tribute to the invaluable contributions of women of colour to our city's life. From pioneering activists and cultural icons to contemporary trailblazers, these remarkable changemakers, challengers, and disruptors have made an indelible mark on their industries and society, enriching the UK's diverse cultural tapestry. Shannon Walker, award-winning diversity champion and founder of Comms Consultancy Social Disruption, shares a list of influential and inspirational individuals in the Black community to follow and celebrate this Black History Month and beyond.

Leading Influencer Marketing Expert, Gordon Glenister shares his shortlist

“Black women historically have been the backbones of their homes, society and the leaders of change. It’s an honour to build on the strong shoulders of women in the past and salute some incredible wave makers continuing to do great work today.”
- Shannon Walker

1. Shakaila Forbes Bell

Pioneer Shakaila is a formidable force in the world of fashion psychology. As an acclaimed author and pioneer in the field, she's made a profound impact, helping global brands understand their consumers better to producing ground-breaking research to address the under-representation of Black models in fashion media. Notably, Shakaila is the celebrated author of "Big Dress Energy" and holds the honour of being the world's first Black individual to achieve a master's degree in fashion psychology.

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2. Claudine Reid MBE

A frequent presence on top entrepreneur lists, Claudine Reid is an acclaimed businesswoman, renowned speaker, and a prominent figure celebrated for her exceptional contributions to the community across various sectors. Reid continues to inspire, setting a powerful example, leaving behind a legacy of enduring positive change and helping others realise their capacity for more.

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3. Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Dr. Aderin-Pocock is an award-winning British space scientist, science educator, and science communicator. Notably, she holds the prestigious role of Chancellor at Leicester University, making history as the first Black woman to do so.

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4. Hayley Mulenda

A globally acclaimed Multi-Award Winning International Speaker, Author, and Change Agent, Hayley Mulenda has impacted tens of thousands of lives worldwide with her compelling story of turning pain into purpose. Her uplifting Instagram page spreads positive messages of hope, love, faith and empowerment.

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5. Marsha and Chyloe Powell

Marsha and Chloe Powell are a testament to the transformative power of unity and sisterhood. These inspirational entrepreneurs turned their personal grief into a powerful force for positive change by founding "BelEve." Through this remarkable organisation, they empower girls to chase their dreams, reshaping the narrative of female leadership and offering a valuable support network of role models. The Powell sisters serve as a compelling reminder that unity and sisterhood inspire continuous drive and a relentless pursuit of success.

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6. Fisayo Longe

Fisayo Longe is the creative force behind the Kai Collective, a fashion brand designed to empower female confidence and inspire self-expression.

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7. Cydney Helsdown

Mum, content creator and “liberator” @cydenythelight is a passionate champion for self-acceptance, advocating for the liberation of women's bodies from beauty standards. With unwavering dedication, she strives to assist women in rediscovering their self-worth and embracing their authenticity, thus fostering an engaged, positive community of fellow mums and women, young and old, inspired to view themselves in a new light.

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8. Irene Agbontaen

A global tastemaker and opinion influencer, Irene Agbontaen is a pivotal figure at the crossroads of fashion, music, and culture. Her extensive network and cultural relevance make her a highly respected figure in these industries.

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9. Khalia Ismain

Khalia Ismain is a passionate social entrepreneur who has recently assumed the role of Black Entrepreneurs Programme Manager at Lloyd's Bank. She is also the driving force behind Jamii, a groundbreaking online marketplace and discovery platform that empowers Black creators and makers in the UK.

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10. Kike Oniwinde

Kike Oniwinde is the CEO and Founder of The Black Young Professional Network, a dedicated leader empowering the next generation of Black professionals. Under Oniwinde's guidance, the network connects, educates, and inspires young Black talent, advocating for diversity and inclusion. Oniwinde's vision shapes a brighter, inclusive future for all young Black professionals.

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11. Antoinette Oguntonade

Property personality Antoinette is one half of Brickz with Tipz with her husband, a curated space that simplifies the complexities of property and finance in a relatable manner, welcoming individuals to navigate these fields with ease.

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12. Jasmine Douglas

As the Founder of the online community "Babes on Waves" (BOW), Jasmine Douglas leads the Young Innovators program, connecting underrepresented individuals with meaningful opportunities and fostering positive change.

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13. (Dr) Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE

Highly sought-after as a speaker and presenter, (Dr) Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE is the co-founder of the award-winning social enterprise, Stemettes. She's been recognized as one of the most influential women in tech and continues to make impactful contributions in this field.

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14. Lydia Amoah

Lydia Amoah is a dynamic speaker, coach, consultant, and accomplished author. Her unwavering passion for fostering authentic, inclusive lives shines through every facet of her work. The eagerly awaited "The Black Pound Report," authored by Lydia Amoah, is a profound exploration of the UK's Black, Asian, and Multi-Ethnic consumer spending power, revealing untapped potential and profitable opportunities.

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15. Bianca Miller

Bianca Miller is an award-winning entrepreneur, renowned workshop facilitator, and internationally recognized professional speaker. She is the visionary founder of Hian skin and hosiery, making waves in the beauty and fashion industry.

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16. Ayesha Ofori

Ayesha is a multi-award winning investment manager, wealth adviser, and property specialist. She is also the visionary founder of the Black Property Network (BPN), a dynamic platform connecting professionals in the real estate industry.

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17. Izzy Obeng

Izzy Obeng is the visionary founder of Foundervine, a social enterprise specialising in digital start-up and scale-up acceleration programs. Her work since 2018 has significantly impacted the digital entrepreneurship landscape.

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18. Vanessa Kingori

Publishing powerhouse, Vanessa Kingori is a notable figure in the world of fashion and media. She is known for her role as a chief business officer at Condé Nast Britain and as a Vogue European business advisor. She has made significant contributions to the fashion industry and played a pivotal role in the business aspects of Vogue in the UK.

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19. Nina Lopes

Nina Lopes is an inspiring mother, content creator and resilient stage 4 cancer patient. Her moving journey is shared with her supportive Instagram community, providing hope and strength to many facing similar challenges.

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20. Yvonne Bajela

Yvonne is the founder and principal of a UK-based venture capital firm, Impact X Capital. Her firm focuses on investing in companies led by underrepresented founders at the seed and Series A stages, helping to shape the future of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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21. Shannon Walker

Contributor Shannon Walker is an accomplished changemaker, distinguished for her recent inclusion in PRWeek's esteemed "30 Under 30" list for 2023 and her well-deserved recognition at the "Black Representation in Media (BRiM) Changemakers Awards." Her exceptional expertise lies in transformative 'people-first' digital and influencer communications, underpinned by a strong commitment to purpose and inclusivity, which she ardently champions through her company, Social Disruption.

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