This episode features Grace Fung (Influencer Marketing & Comms Lead at COTY) and Kay Ganesh (Co-Founder of Hypesight). COTY is one of the world’s largest beauty companies with an iconic portfolio of brands across fragrance, colour cosmetics, and skin and body care. COTY is the global leader in fragrance and number three in colour cosmetics.

COTY’s products are sold in over 150 countries around the world. COTY and its brands are committed to a range of social causes as well as seeking to minimise its impact on the environment. COTY is deeply committed to Changing the Conversation around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in an effort to create a more open, inclusive, and diverse workplace where all employees can be their authentic self.

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Our guest today is Charlotte Lake. Charlotte began her career over 15 years ago within the broadcast industry working in advertising for Channel 5 before transitioning into Talent Management. It was here, looking after the likes of Meghan Markle, Lily Cole and Bob Geldof, to name but a few, that Charlotte discovered the huge potential in pairing the right talent with the right brands in order to help them thrive.

And in 2017, Project X was born! Charlotte and Co-Founder Caren of Caren Agency wanted to create an agency that gave brands an unbiased view of the marketplace, helping to pair them with talent that would answer their specific wants and needs and connect them to the right audiences, at scale. Over the last 6 years, Project X has gone from strength to strength launching and scaling the influencer marketing channel for brands including, Oddbox, Skin + Me and allplants, in order to deliver exponential growth!

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Nick Ronald is a Division Director at Toastmasters International, a not-for-profit organisation that has provided communication and leadership skills since 1924 through a worldwide network of clubs. There are more than 400 clubs and 10,000 members in the UK and Ireland. Members follow a structured educational programme to gain skills and confidence in public and impromptu speaking, chairing meetings and time management. To find your nearest club, visit www.toastmasters.org

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As CEO as one of the inconic advertising media companies, Pearl and Dean, Kathryn Jacob extols the benefits of why cinema is still a highly effective advertising medium. Kathryn sits on the Development Board of RADA and The Council and Board of the Advertising Association, and also where she is the board lead on inclusion work across the whole of our sector. She is the President of SAWA, which represents screen advertising companies worldwide, bringing together expertise and knowledge. She is also the very proud Chair of HOME Manchester, an iconic arts venue. This is a truly inspiring interview.

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Lucy Robertson heads up the marketing team at SEEN Connects, a global creator and social agency connecting the right people to the right brands, including Nike, Panasonic, LVMH and eBay. A strategic thinker & experienced creative, Lucy loves nothing more than getting under the skin of a brand to understand how to deliver results. Lucy forged her career working for agencies such as Edelman and We Are Social where she was agency lead for brands such as Netflix, HP and LEGO. In this episide we talk about successful influencer campaigns not least of all one with retail brand Very which saw a 400% increase in Unique Visitors.

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Discrimination and harassment in the workplace is still happening

Unmasking Workplace Harassment: How to Protect and Empower Professionals - Amanda Hamilton

In a world where sexual harassment in the workforce persists, one woman takes a stand. But when the perpetrator holds power and influence, will justice prevail? Find out how victims are left feeling powerless and society's role in protecting them.

My special guest is Amanda Hamilton

Amanda Hamilton is the patron of the National Association of Licensed Paralegals and a respected figure in the legal sector. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Amanda has been instrumental in enhancing the status of paralegals and promoting their ability to offer legal services directly to consumers. Her dedication to ensuring access to justice at a reasonable cost has made her a champion for those seeking legal assistance. Amanda's insights on the topic of sexual harassment in the workforce bring a legal perspective to the discussion, shedding light on the challenges faced by victims and the need for accountability. Her extensive knowledge and passion for promoting equality make her a valuable guest on this episode of Membership World.

“We're not stepping on anybody's toes, we're just trying to assist consumers to gain access to justice at a reasonable cost.”
- Amanda Hamilton

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand the pivotal role of paralegals in society and how their contributions impact the legal system.
  • Gain insights into the challenges faced by paralegals in the workforce, and learn strategies to overcome them.
  • Explore the importance of respect and protection for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, and how organizations can create a safe environment.
  • Discover practical steps to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, ensuring a respectful and inclusive culture.
  • Listen to real-life stories and experiences to deepen your understanding of sexual harassment in the workforce and foster empathy for victims.
  • Acquire valuable knowledge on the role of paralegals in addressing and preventing sexual harassment, and how they can advocate for victims.
  • Stay updated on the latest legal frameworks and regulations surrounding sexual harassment in the workforce, promoting compliance and accountability.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the rights of victims and the legal obligations and responsibilities of organizations in addressing sexual harassment.
  • Access resources and tools to support efforts in preventing and addressing sexual harassment in the workplace, enhancing organizational compliance and employee well-being.
  • Gain practical strategies for creating a culture of respect and inclusion in the workplace, fostering a safe environment for all employees.

Challenges of Human Behavior

Understanding the complexity of human behavior, particularly in a professional space, is critical in addressing prevalent issues such as workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. These issues are not straightforward - rather, they are laden with intricate nuances that make it difficult to identify, report, or legally address them. With microaggressions and subtle forms of discrimination, it can be challenging to gather substantial evidence or prove a definitive pattern of behaviour, effectively hindering the process of seeking justice. During the podcast, Amanda Hamilton alluded to the uphill battle faced by victims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Referencing the challenges in gathering and presenting evidence, particularly when an incident doesn't fit a repetitive pattern, Hamilton highlighted the need for better systems to support victims in seeking justice. The conversation elucidates the reality of the situation – visible laws and regulations are not enough to combat invisible patterns of discriminatory behaviour.

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Interview with Hon Ian Gooding-Edghill Minister of Tourism – Barbados set to expand in 2024

The Welcome Stamp set up during the Covid outbreak from Barbados has been so successful that the Barbados Government has extended the program. There has been tremendous interest from those wishing to work remotely from a tropical destination. Not only can you bring your family, but you can also use it to influence your friends to come too which also boosts our tourism numbers, says Hon Ian Gooding-Edghill, Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, Barbados.

Speaking at World Travel Market, the minister is keen to not only update the travel industry as to what’s happening in Barbados, but also to understand how Barbados is performing as a destination compared to other Caribbean islands. He commented that Virgin Airways has recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and British Airways are planning a wonderful platinum anniversary celebration. Barbados carriers currently fly out of Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow, so the Tourism Board is keen to strengthen other airline partnerships too.

The minister points out that they are not fully recovered from 2019 visitor arrivals, but he did share the spend has increased. The new Wyndham property has opened on the island with 417 rooms, giving thousands of extra room nights on an annual basis. They’re also other hotels under construction ready to open in 2026. And in relation to the MICE market, the Wyndham hotel is one of the largest conference facilities in the island.


Will Guidara is an inspirational speaker, but he is famous for being a Michelin Star restauranteur and the author of best selling book Unreasonable Hospitality. In it he talks about why we should apply the skills we have learnt in hospitality to all sorts of businesses. A relentless pursuit of customer service, Will talks about how be bought a new role – the Dreamweavers into his business which transformed his business into an iconic brand. Now running a business called Thank-you, he is an international speaker and host of his annual conference aptly named Thank-you.

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Josef Schinwald is a podcast guesting strategist and founder of the Podcast PR & Booking Agency Guest Experts On Air. Their mission is to book experts, thought leaders, solo-preneurs, authors, speakers, and brands on world-class podcasts. His talents in Public Relations, Media, and Marketing made him the Associate Publisher & Vice-president of a hemisphere newspaper in 16 countries, and a professor at three universities and got him interviews on more than 50 TV shows. He has worked with Wall Street Journal and New York Times’ #1 ranked bestsellers, thought leaders, and gurus in marketing, business, and spirituality.

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