Outreach Agency is a fast-growing digital talent management agency, founded by husband-and-wife duo Emilio and Amy Arciniega in 2020. After working in the Influencer Marketing industry on the brand partnerships side and seeing a monumental range in the quality of talent management that content creators were receiving, Emilio and Amy decided to launch their own talent management division. Our agency philosophy is “treat everyone how we would want to be treated” and whilst we are growing quickly, we believe this needs to be at a sustainable level that doesn’t compromise on our promise to deliver best-in-class talent management services to our roster.

We do this by ensuring our Talent Managers’ rosters remain small so that each Manager is focussing on and representing an average of five creators (the industry average from our research is 10 talent per Talent Manager within most of our competitors) which enables them to dedicate unprecedented time and resource into the talent they work with. We are committed to providing a unique and exceptional experience to our talent, as well as our clients. We work with our creators as a team to ensure their careers are as lucrative and have as much longevity as possible. We recognise that different talent has different goals, and therefore deserves a personalised service bespoke to their own ambitions which may cover different revenue streams e.g. brand collaborations, merchandise, podcasting, product launches, publishing and more. As a family-run agency, Emilio and Amy encourage an emphasis on putting the people we work with first.

They are passionate about building strong relationships with clients and talent and are committed to delivering an excellent level of service to everyone we work with at Outreach Agency, whether the talent on our roster or our brand and agency clients. We value the importance of working in a way that is transparent, honest, and respectful and feel that in an industry that is so dominated by online communication, a personal touch can go a long way.