In this episode Gordon Glenister talks with the author of “The Social CEO”, Damian Corbet and the vice president of global marketing at Onalytica, Alicia Russell.

A recent survey conducted by Membership World and influencer marketing platform Onalytica looked at the social profiles of over 50 CEOs of membership bodies and trade associations.

Original content performed so much better than shared or branded content on Linkedin. ‘Don’t create content for content’s sake and know what your audience care about’, says Alicia. And leaders of trade associations that are sharing from their personal content is when the real value comes. Chris Skeith from the Association of Event Organisers is an example of a CEO using social media well during a challenging time for the sector. Having a leader like this lobby for the sector they can see this person is working hard for us says Damian.

Most people are seeing what you’re posting but not necessarily commenting.

Craig Bennet CEO of the Wildlife Trust leads one of the categories in the report and he shares pictures of nature on his linkedin and Twitter. ‘It feels personal and you feel like you are going on a journey with him’, says Alicia . She also praises Sophie Devonshire for doing a great job at the Marketing Society.

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