20 Pet Influencers you should follow in 2022

Pet influencers are a fascinating aspect of influencer marketing, and many have developed huge followings to become the animal celebrities of the influencer world. Pet-focused social media accounts are a major trend (who doesn’t find their day brightened by the antics of a cute kitten or waggly-tailed doggo?)

Smart marketers have realised that the feel-good factor of a fun, animal-focussed social media feed is only part of the story. Pets sell products, and several of today’s four-legged celebrities have their own, successful product lines, or promote others.

Pet influencer social media accounts generally fall into three categories; pet owners, pet professionals, and pets themselves. Some share tips and knowledge, while others set out simply to entertain.

Many start out as hobbies, but with brand collaborations, product sales, affiliate marketing and ad revenue, others actually generate impressive revenue – either as providing income for the humans behind the pet stars of the show, or to generate funds in support of related good causes.

Some focus on video content, others on photography, and others on written blog content. Many use a combination.

What they have in common is that they tell stories, using their content to build trust and emotional connections with their followers in order to develop their influencer status.

In this article I’m going to share with you my favourite 20 pet influencers for 2022.

1. Wearwagrepeat

A pet lifestyle Instagram channel, and more. Creator Tori started her blog in 2013 as an outlet for her combined love of fashion and dogs, and with the support of her two chocolate Labradors Lucy and Burt she covers dog lifestyle tips, toy and food reviews, dog-friendly travel guides and DIY tutorials. Her extensive shop is packed full of dog-related gifts and she runs a regular podcast.

Instagram: @wearwagrepeat
Blog: wearwagrepeat.com


2. Nala Cat

Nala Cat has taken things to the next level, with over 4.4 million followers. Nala’s daily posts of cute photo and video stories support their own premium cat food brand, and a money off voucher code for human parents of adopted cats shares the love.

Instagram: @nala_cat
YouTube: Nala, the travelling cat
Website: lovenala.com


3. The Dogist

The Dogist’s philanthropic initiative supports non-profit work in dog rescue and rehabilitation, a good example of a pup-blog with purpose. The Dogist’s creator bills themselves as an artist, and the account is a collection of characterful photographic dog portraits and featured stories highlighting, among other things, the work of animal rescue centres, guide dog trainers and owners. 3.8 million followers have followed them on walkies so far.

Instagram: @thedogist
Website: www.thedogist.com


4. The Happiest Fox

While the majority of pet blogs feature cats and dogs, there are some exceptions. Juniper is just one of a family of North American red foxes born and living in captivity due to genetic differences from their wild cousins. There’s an educational aspect to this influencer, talking about why wild animals don’t often make good pets.

Instagram: @juniperfox
Website: Juniperfoxx


5. TripawdsCommunity

This one is an online community all about bringing together animal amputees and their people, providing support and sharing uplifting stories of the love and commitment between humans and animals.

Instagram: @tripawdscommunity
Website: Tap Bio
Facebook: Tripawds | Facebook


6. AllPetVoices

All Pet Voices is a pet owners’ community that offers information and education on a whole raft of pet-related topics. It offers a space for pet owners to connect, and features regular live videos with knowledgeable guests.

Instagram: @allpetvoices
Website: Join The Pet Health 5 Movement – All Pet Voices
Facebook: All Pet Voices | Facebook


7. Pets Are Found

Another pet account with purpose, Pets Are Found is dedicated to sharing information about pets that have gone missing around the world, to help reunite them with their families.

Instagram: @petsarefound
Website: Where Pets Are Found – Lost, Found & Adoption Pet Listings
Facebook: Where Pets Are Found | Facebook


8. MileyJo the Chorkie

MileyJo is a quirky canine fashion model with catwalk experience and over 80k followers on Instagram. Followers can access discount voucher codes for a variety of dog clothing, lifestyle and food brands.

Instagram: @miley-jo-the-chorkie
Website: @MileyJo | Linktree
Facebook: Miley Jo the Chorkie / Model – Talent | Facebook


9. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton is the proud owner of a magnificent moustache which has made his Instagram account a favourite for over 750k followers. His account shares regular photos of his life, and promotes #AdoptDonttShop.

Instagram: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat
Facebook: Hamilton the Hipster Cat | Facebook


10. Mr Pokee

Mr Pokee takes full advantage of the cuteness factor, sharing the adventures of a very cheerful hedgehog and his friends. He’s got 1.8m followers and his website sells the photo presets that add effects to his photographs.

Instagram: @mr.pokee
Website: Mr.Pokee (mrpokee.com)


11. Grumpy Cat

No round up would be complete without a mention of Grumpy Cat. A registered trademark, she has over 2.5m Instagram followers, her official Facebook page has nearly 8m and she has spawned countless memes. Her website features a huge range of merchandise and she has inspired cartoons and spin-offs with other famous cats including Garfield. The brand is still going strong and she has a good claim to remaining the internet’s most famous cat despite having died in 2019.

Instagram: @realgrumpycat
Facebook: The Official Grumpy Cat | Facebook
Website: The world’s grumpiest cat! | Grumpy Cat® (grumpycats.com)
YouTube: Real Grumpy Cat – YouTube


12. Your Two Favourite Pits

Cali and Archie show off the softer side of the Pit Bull Terrier as they share their daily antics in Instagram. The account links to Tidy Dog Mom, a blogger who offers advice about training puppies and running a tidy and efficient house, and promotes her copywriting services and Etsy shop.

Instagram: @your.two.favourite.pits
Facebook: Tidy Dog Mom | Facebook
Website: Tidy Dog Mom


13. KolsNotes

Jodi from Kol’s notes is another great example of a blogger who shares the daily adventure of her pet – a puggle called Kolchak – on her Instagram account. She’s actively involved with her followers and takes time to connect and chat.

Instagram: @kolsnotes
Facebook: Kol’s Notes | Facebook
Website: Kol’s Notes – Tips and Tricks from the DIY Dog (kolchakpuggle.com)


14. Lil Bub

LilBub is another example of a pet whose internet influence extends beyond the grave. A feral kitten who was rescued because of her special care needs, her Lil BUB’s Big Fund has raised over a million dollars for animals in need through her online store.

Instagram: @iamlilbub
Facebook: Lil Bub | Facebook
Website: Lil BUB


15. Henry and Baloo

Everyone loves a pet friends story, especially when it combines cats and dogs. Henry the dog and Baloo the cat’s Instagram feed follows these two rescues and their human parents on their adventures in the wild, and their pet supplies shop on their website sells their own branded products from cards and calendars to hats and bandanas.

Instagram: @ourwildtails
Facebook: Our Wild Tails | Facebook
Website: Calendar | Our Wild Tails


16. BenBenCatCat

BenBen has made a career out of being ‘the saddest cat on the internet’. He’s another rescue cat and his online community is built around sharing and promoting the work of animal rescues.

Instagram: @benbencatcat
Website: Home (benbencatcat.ca)


17. Hamlet the Piggy

Hamlet is a Nashville-based support animal whose Instagram account shows her ‘living the spoiled life as she performs a role as an epilepsy advocate and shows how pets contribute to human health and wellbeing.

Instagram: @hamlet_the_piggy
TikTok: hamlet_the_piggy
Website: hamletthepiggy.com


18. Mr Poof

Mr Poof the talking budgie is a fun account featuring a talented, talkative chap.

Instagram: @mr.poof
YouTube: Meet Mr. Poof: The Talking Budgie! – YouTube


19. Ethel the Glamour Tort

Proving that it’s not just our furry friends who can gather a following, Ethel the tortoise has over 71.6k followers on Instagram who enjoy her lifestyle photos, care advice and toirtoise-friendly recipes.

Instagram: @EthelTheGlamourTort


20. Boggle Buddies

Even rodents have influencer status. This account is dedicated to a large family of rats and mice who promote an online store for treats, toys and products suitable for them and other small pets.

Instagram: @bogglebuddies
Website: BoggleBuddies

Have any of these examples made you ‘paws for thought’ about becoming a pet influencer? Got a tail to tell? Give me a whistle andwe’ll talk how I can help.

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