Mollie Campsie talks about selling online as a creator. People say I am quite seamless in the way I sell she says. Not everyone is a size 6 or size 8, and if they are a larger size they don’t know where to shop. A lot of people say I am quite refreshing – it’s not all glitzy – I love solving those little problems in my life – comfort can takeover from style. Mollie talks about the value of the ‘feedback loop’ on social media being like no other – she gets qualitative feedback form her audience. There are discussions on her posts and YouTube channel. She also gets this on the LTK – the analytics are so granular – what really does work and what doesn’t. She talks about why some campaigns can be a ‘bit messy’ with so many discounts 50% off here, there is only a small amount of space we have on their feed.. What would convert me would covert other people she says. Old fashioned features and benefits can work well too and as an ex-telesales operator Mollie brings back some of those experiences. A fascinating conversation #LTKeurope #ShopLTK https://www.shopltk.com/explore/molliecampsie


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