Josie is one of the ‘old-timers’ of the influencer industry having started her online journey over 10 years ago – it all started when she was working in the marketing department of Mulberry. She was also studying at university and her lecturer asked if she could help some of the younger students and explain her job. She was asked over and over again the same questions so she decided to put it on the internet – her blog was born – Fashion Mumbler – she is an avid mumbler she says. She started on Twitter then moved to creating her own YouTube Channel. Josie also got involved in the pop-up shop event hosted by LTK in London last year and she shares her experiences of this. Consumers are so time poor and if they can find someone that is able to help them make the right choices then why wouldnt they do that. And if you find an influencers’ style you resonate with then it makes it so easy for you. 99% of people follow influencers because they like the person as a whole. https://www.shopltk.com/explore/josieldn #LTKeurope #ShopLTK


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