Miley Jo is a successful influencer and fashion runway model. She loves her lifestyle. It’s filled with positivity and fun for her. When I first began Miley Jo’s Facebook Account and then Instagram, it was just for fun. I enjoy photography and she has a love for dressing up and posing. Being the center of attention is natural to her. The fashion world opened up quickly. Which led her to being in NYFW and LAFW with designer Anthony Rubio. She was already doing some influencing, product for post. She continued influencing, and moving forward in the fashion world. As she gained more success in the fashion world her following grew as well. Along with more opportunities in both fashion and influencing. Offers of paid influencing, not just products.

Miley Jo is published in several fashion magazines each month. She has also been published in America’s Top Dog Model Magazine, Paw Prints. She won the title of Finalist for America’s Top Dog Model 2021. She has been in well-known mags from the media at fashion week, such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. Recently filmed for a few tv shows, news, and documentaries during fashion week. With her extensive experience in the fashion world, it has only helped her become a bigger and better influencer. She is notable for her fashion and influencing. She influences both pet products and human products.

I never dreamed her modeling and love of fashion would go this far. As well as influencing and promoting high quality items that she gets to enjoy and share with her friends and followers. I believe creativity with marketing plays a big role in influencing, standing out, being different. We put an emphasis on creativity and keep it fun. Always moving forward with an open mind and willingness to negotiate. Knowing when to say no. I will not promote a company or product that I personally would not buy or use. Nor will I take on a project without getting all details, including rate. Many do not realize how much time, effort, and energy is put into influencing and promoting products and companies. While maintaining a healthy balance and providing the best experience for both us and the companies/people we work with. We freelance and work with several influencer companies. Every experience is unique and we continue to grow and learn.

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