Bernard creates content, initiatives and products that help organisations and people meet their diversity goals, grow their businesses, find and develop new talent and improve their processes. He has spent over 30 years in the culture and media sector, working for some of the world’s foremost media organisations, including the BBC and Premier Media Group, earning himself six Sony Radio Academy Awards and a prestigious Rose d’Or nomination. He is the founder of leading digital content brand Unedited – working with companies as diverse as Audible, Ford, Spotify and Havas London. Bernard is an astute and reliable mentor providing guidance, inspiration and strategies to allow those he works with to fulfil their potential. He guides future leaders to be more emotionally intelligent and self-aware – referring to these as superpowers. Bernard’s legacy is raising the next generation of young leaders – particularly those from minority backgrounds. One of his favourite sayings for young leaders is, “I don’t have to move out of my chair for you to have your seat.”

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