Flora Noble Digital Influencer manager at Oxfam talks about how influencers have been a growing part of the Oxfam communication strategy Many charities dont have a dedicated influencer marketing specialist and so having a dedicated person to develop these influencer relationships has been critical. Oxfam have a national campaign called #SecondhandSeptember which is aimed at helping create awareness for donated goods. Flora talks about how many of the influencers they partnered with had very positive comments from their followers about coming on the journey with them. And so working in this slightly different way the warmth that was coming through you from the engagement you cant really pay for. Influencers were invited into the Oxfam superstore where they have ethical sourced products, hub for the online shop. We were able to give them a back end tour a bit like a behind the scenes which made amazing content creation she says Find out more what Flora has to say.


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