Membership Recruitment Masterclass




The following format was a training workshop Gordon developed for a well-known company, the course duration was one day, from 10:00AM to 4:00PM:

  • Research and Understanding What You Want to Achieve
  • Developing a Plan to Create a Member Proposition, the Benefits & Setting Pricing
  • On-boarding Founding Members
  • How to Launch
  • Developing and Engagement Strategy
  • Membership Advocacy

Additionally, they will also focus on how to generate a sustainable income through Membership and the Do’s and Don’ts of a Membership Model.

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“I reached out for help and advice on Memberships and Gordon immediately offered to share his wisdom.  He gave me some excellent guidance on what I needed to be thinking about and what I needed to put in place to ensure I have a successful Membership.  He also gave me the confidence in what I had already thought through.” 

Chris Jones, CEO, England Athletics


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As proficient writer, Gordon often help businesses with copywriting, collaboration on white papers and building brand exposure through podcasts.  Whether working with an individual or a business, Gordon always cover the same processes, understanding business challenges, how he can help them achieve more (whether it’s MembershipInfluencer Marketing, Sales and Marketing or Promotional Marketing).

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  • Do you know how you perform against your competitors?
  • Is your Membership Model not gaining the traction you want?
  • Are your members falling away?

If any of the above sound familiar, ask Gordon about his exclusive Mystery Member Research because it will give you a wealth of information that you can act on and ring the changes. Having worked with England Athletics, Worklife, private members’ clubs and others, I give you invaluable insight into your model.

Gordon's Mystery Member Research delves deep to understand what your Membership experience is like for those that use it. Often, it is difficult to have an objective view when it is your own product so using a consultant is the best way to see where you are under-performing, what you do well and what needs improvement.

  • The online experience to Membership and how the benefits are displayed
  • Physical Membership – how your Membership proposition is conveyed
  • Joining online (if available and if not, can it be developed to fit in with your brand/service)
  • The Benefits Package and relevance to members’ needs
  • The Welcome Pack
  • How Membership teams interact with the prospect through email and telephone
  • The follow-up experience
  • Measuring against competitors

Then, Gordon produces a detailed report with action points and deliver a follow-up workshop for your Membership Team.


This is the process Gordon take to help businesses leverage the opportunity to create the connections that count.


  • Gordon will hold an evaluation service with you to gain deep understanding of the challenges you face, this may involve conversations with various teams.  Next, he will complete a thorough competitor assessment of others that work in a similar space and use measurement criteria to compare that against your own organisation
  • Gordon will examine your mission statement, goals and values proposition to assess and suggest aligning that to enable strategy creation.  This is to move the organisation forward.
  • Gordon will create a strategy plan for your organisation that will help enhance influence and value for the target community
  • Gordon will work with specialists in his team and connection community to help deliver the above. Gordon can also refer people that he think can help build opportunities for you.
  • Gordon will evaluate the programme to make sure you are achieving the goals set out. This process can be ongoing as part of a mentor programme.
    Get connected, make connections that are valuable and present enormous opportunity for you and your business. Contact Gordon today.