Membership Consultancy

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As proficient writer, Gordon often help businesses with copywriting, collaboration on white papers and building brand exposure through podcasts. Whether working with an individual or a business, Gordon always cover the same processes, understanding business challenges, how he can help them achieve more (whether it’s Membership, Influencer Marketing, Sales and Marketing or Promotional Marketing).


Working with Gordon connects you to the right people, people that can really make a positive difference. Gordon particularly focus on new, untapped opportunities that you might have missed by auditing your organisation and testing your proposition through his mystery member programmes, propelling your business forward.

Gordon is an experienced membership professional having worked with many trade associations and professional bodies.
Consultancy would include

  • Creating membership strategies for growth
  • Work as a membership director part time or on a specific campaign
  • Undertake specific research projects. The Covid19 impact report and the Social CEO are just two examples of this. Download here

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