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Membership organisations have come under great scrutiny in the last year, more so than ever before. Members want to know that their organisation has real purpose, is making a real difference and delivering great value. Membership organisations want to be seen to be leading the conversations on the topics that matter most to their industry and their members. At the heart of these organisations sits the Chief Executive. It is easier than ever to create content in an instant, meaning there is an abundance of content online and an increasing challenge to stand out and get the attention of our target audience. Add to this the declining trust in logos and increasing trust in people it is more important than ever for employees and CEOs to represent their brands. The Pandemic has given trade associations and professional membership bodies an opportunity to connect with their members, engage more with Government and other stakeholders and represent their industries during a turbulent time. There were many examples of Chief Executives receiving mainstream broadcast coverage and then sharing these stories on social media.


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