Mystery Member Research

Mystery Member Research

Why should you consider a mystery member study?

When I meet CEOs or Director of Memberships I ask them how they audit their member and prospect member experience and most would say they use surveys like Survey monkey.

And guess who responds? Those that engage with you most and a few that have some issues with your experience. So yes, you get some insights but there is a lot you will miss. What you are not getting is a deep dive test of how your members and prospective perceive you. So what I offer is a range of “tests” including:

  • Interest in joining by website, telephone and email also may include a visit if a physical location like a private members club
  • Joining as a volunteer
  • Assessing the benefits – what is the greatest value and how the membership team pitch or promote them
  • Reviewing the various elements of the renewal process
  • Attending an event as a prospective member

How do we not alert suspicion?

We work under different aliases and different email addresses to allow multiple levels of engagement

What do we receive when the project is complete

A full audit report that identifies inconsistencies and opportunities along with my summary of proposals. In addition I can come and present the findings to your wider team.