26 MAY 2021 - 10:00-13:00


As proficient writer, Gordon often help businesses with copywriting, collaboration on white papers and building brand exposure through podcasts.  Whether working with an individual or a business, Gordon always cover the same processes, understanding business challenges, how he can help them achieve more (whether it’s Membership, Influencer Marketing, Sales and Marketing or Promotional Marketing).

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The process where Gordon takes to helping businesses leverage their opportunity to create connections that count.


  • Gordon will hold an evaluation service with you to gain deep understanding of the challenges you face, this may involve conversations with various teams.  Next, he will complete a thorough competitor assessment of others that work in a similar space and use measurement criteria to compare that against your own organisation
  • Gordon will examine your mission statement, goals and values proposition to assess and suggest aligning that to enable strategy creation.  This is to move the organisation forward.
  • Gordon will create a strategy plan for your organisation that will help enhance influence and value for the target community
  • Gordon will work with specialists in his team and connection community to help deliver the above. Gordon can also refer people that he think can help build opportunities for you.
  • Gordon will evaluate the programme to make sure you are achieving the goals set out. This process can be ongoing as part of a mentor programme.
    Get connected, make connections that are valuable and present enormous opportunity for you and your business. Contact Gordon today.