Influencer Marketing Programme

There are two ways in which I can work with you on influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing Programme – Becoming More Influential

The influencer marketing programme is designed to help companies and individuals become more influential with the ultimate aim of growing their thought leadership, increasing revenue, and online exposure . I do this over a 3 month programme based on 1.5 hr sessions twice a month through my connector framework. This is an intensive deep drive approach and will require financial investment and time to deliver the results you want. My unique style approach is supportive, entertaining and inspiring.

My process is driven by 5 steps

1. Insight

This will help us uncover exactly where you are currently in the marketplace in relation to your competition and other exemplars. We will create a dashboard that helps us understand your current online influence and this will give us a measurement over the programme. This dashboard will also observe your competitors and exemplars.

2. Align

Our next phase is to look at your values, mission and vision and what they stand for. We will review and test how this is presented.

3. Create Influencer Strategy

Together we will create a strategy that will define your influence, what to do with content, partnerships and social media outreach

4. Refer

We will help build the relevant connections and reach out to people and online communities.

5. Evaluate

The process of evaluation is ongoing and it allows to make sure the strategy is working, this is also a time to optimise and reflect progress.

Done for you Influencer Marketing

Sometimes business owners just realise that the process of finding the right influencers takes forever and then responding and nurturing these relationships takes even longer.

The reality of running an influencer marketing campaign takes time and that’s why there are professionals dedicated to this. My team and I will do this for you.

  1. Set up a brainstorming strategy session to understand your brand, what you want to achieve and some ideas around a typical brand campaign.
  2. Research typical influencers that could meet this brief (this might be a gifted or paid collaboration), we will typically reach out to 40 to get 20 influencers  We also select influencers that match your ideal target audience and we have online tools to view their audiences for example gender mix, geo location, interests and more.  Better have a few engaged influencers than have many that aren’t that focused.
  3. Help you set a budget, we have our own minimum fee for the work, but will often suggest you invest in influencer payment particularly for content that you can use on your social media or for those that have larger audiences.
  4. Create a proper brief for the influencers and contract them where payment is involved. Ensure all the posts are approved appropriately.  We work to the BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association) influencer guidelines.
  5. Reach out and confirm activation of the campaign with influencers.  A typical campaign will last 6 weeks.
  6. Evaluate the results, ideally if on Instagram we want to use the Paid Partnership functionality giving us access to the campaign results. Whats important is we can measure the results against the KPIs we set at the start of the campaign.