Hire Me As Your Sales and Marketing Director

Part-time professional Sales & Marketing Director from as little as £18,000 per annum

Have you ever thought, I would like to have a professional experienced sales and marketing director but simply couldn’t afford one?

Well, now you can. I can come into your business and help you develop the key elements for a successful sales and marketing plan. I can also help you with:

  • Identifying your prime prospects and how to get to them
  • Creating introductions and appointments where appropriate
  • Creating a marketing programme that you can easily follow
  • Managing your sales pipeline
  • Setting up budgets and helping you achieve them
  • Exploring opportunities may be outside your core product or service
  • Supporting the existing team members who manage clients on a day to day basis
  • Briefing any outside agencies as required
  • Preparing any sales reports required

This is based on a maximum of 2 days per month in your office and some time at my office.  Obviously, this can be increased depending on the depth of work you wish me to do but that will affect the price too.  (Any travel or accommodation requirements are outside of this rate)

Why am I the right person for you?

  • I have over 30 years sales and marketing experience across all different business sizes including major blue chip and single owner businesses
  • I am a judge for the BESMA (British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards) and won sales achievement awards
  • I am a qualified digital marketer and been a CE0 of a trade association for over 11 years.